Needing a towbar to pull a caravan, trailer, or for simply attaching a bike carrier to it?

We can help you to choose the most suitable system, and our technician will not only fit all the equipment, but also complete all the electric wiring required to comply with the latest regulations. We can even produce the number plate if required.

Are you concerned about your ability to understand the instructions of how to firstly assemble, and then proceed to fit the products you have chosen correctly to the vehicle? Worried perhaps that they may fall off during travel if you get it wrong? Or perhaps you’re just short of the available time to do it yourself?

If so, just leave everything to the experts! Our friendly, trained, experienced and knowledgeable staff will remove all your cares and concerns by correctly assembling and professionally fitting your purchase to the vehicle. And it doesn’t stop there…. We will finally explain and demonstrate it all, ensuring you understand how everything works, giving you the confidence that you will be travelling safe and secure!

Professional Fitting Service consists of

Full and accurate pre-assembly of the component parts

Fitting to your vehicle

Electrical wiring to suit (towbars)

Disposal of the packaging

Full demonstration of how everything works

Prices include VAT at the standard rate