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We have a vast range of roof, rear boot and tow bar mounting Bike Carriers. If you are uncertain and need help please visit the Thule Product Guide or contact us

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We have a vast range of roof, rear boot and tow bar mounting Bike Carriers from various manufacturers, with Thule being the major brand for both choice and quality.

Please Note – Boot Mount Carriers are not a universal product! They are vehicle specific, to check if you can fit a boot mount carrier to your vehicle please view the Integrated Thule Application Guide before purchase.
This is primarily determined by both the number of bikes to be carried, and the suitability of a carrier which can be safely attached to your vehicle.

Roof Mounted Carriers – these will require and attach to, a pair of roof bars, and you will need one carrier for each bike being transported (see our Roof Bar Section to make your choice if you do not already have a set of bars).

Rear Boot Mounted Carriers – Many modern cars are no longer capable of carrying bikes safely in this way and it is vital therefore that you check the Thule Application Guide before purchase.

Tow Ball Mounted Carriers – These are certainly the easiest to use as the loading height is below knee level with each bike contained separately on the platform. This type of carrier will normally fit most 50mm tow balls both the conventional flange type (Al-ko) or swan neck styles, either fixed or detachable.

Security – It is advisable to select a carrier that has a good locking system for both the carrier to the vehicle and the bikes to the carrier.

How to make your choice – Use the filter system to the left or, Click Here to view the Integrated Thule Application Guide.