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Lost Key Club Membership

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The Journey Centre Lost Key Club

Here’s how it works:

1) Members are provided with an exclusive key fob for attaching your keys to, with our address imprinted on it requesting the finder to return them to us.

2) Simply fill in the form which will accompany your key fob and member details, advising us of your Thule key numbers (printed on the key and the barrels) including your name and address and we will enter your details on our members register. If you have other keys that you intend to attach to your key fob please include those and we will record them for you.

3) When we receive your keys from the finder, we will immediately inform you and return them to you by a secure courier service.

4) Membership fees are £10 per year. This offer is for FOUR years membership saving 25% off the normal price.

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